What can a podiatrist do for me?
Podiatrists are health professionals trained to deal exclusively with the foot and lower limb. The feet are a very complex part of the body, and allow you to perform vital functions and activities, so they should not be neglected. If you have pain or problems with your feet or legs, a Podiatrist is the best health professional to assist you. If you wish to read up on different conditions that we treat please refer to the link Common Conditions, Musculoskeletal/Biomechanical & Footwear & Orthoses.

What are your fees?
We treat a wide range of conditions and our fees vary reflecting the service provided. If you require further information regarding our fees please feel free to phone us. See link Contact us.

Is podiatry treatment covered by Medicare?
Yes, if you are referred by your GP under the Chronic Disease Management Program, then you may be entitled to rebate through Medicare. You will need to discuss your eligibility with your doctor.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) with a Gold Card or podiatry-related White Card are fully covered with no out-of-pocket expenses when referred by their GP.

Is podiatry treatment covered by my private health cover?
Yes, however, you must make sure you have Podiatry selected in your cover. If you haven’t, you can call your private health provider and make the change. Be sure to take note of any waiting periods that may apply before you are able to make your first claim. We also use HICAPS. HICAPS is an electronic health claims and payments system, which offers members of participating health funds, the convenience of automatic claims processing, on the spot in the practice.

Do you need a referral to see a podiatrist?
Yes and No
You will require a referral from your GP if you are obtaining a subsidy from the Government such as Medicare and DVA. If you are using a private health fund you do not require a referral.

Can a podiatrist help with footwear recommendations?
Podiatrists can offer advice on footwear for walking, running, social and medical requirements. We do not stock a wide range of footwear at the clinic but we are able to refer to a number of different locations to help. Footwear is an important part of podiatry treatment and any question about footwear should be directed to the podiatrist during the consult.

When should a child be checked by a podiatrist?
See link to children’s feet.

Foot Orthotic?
See link to Orthotics