Orthotics (Foot And Ankle/Foot Orthoses)

A variety of custom made or off-the-shelf devices are used by podiatrists to treat a wide range of foot and lower limb conditions. These can be divided into foot orthoses (also known as ‘orthotics’) which fit in the shoe, or ankle-foot orthoses which fit in the shoe and extend up the leg.

It is important to note that any orthotic device is only prescribed and fitted after a thorough examination of the patient’s foot, ankle, lower limb, posture and gait pattern. This is often referred to as a biomechanical examination and will usually include video gait analysis.

At our clinic we choose from a wide range of orthotic designs using soft, semi-compressible and non-compressible materials. This allows us to choose and produce an orthotic device which should be both comfortable and effective for each individual.

Factors which we consider before prescribing an orthosis include;

  • The condition being treated – specific orthotics are used to treat specific conditions
  • The patient’s activities
  • The patient’s body weight
  • The footwear into which the orthotic will be fitted
  • Cost effectiveness – custom made orthotics range from $48.00 to $399.00 per pair. We try to choose the most cost effective device for a given condition based on the available scientific evidence, and our experience.

All orthotic devices are made on our premises, which guarantees minimal delays in fitting. Our orthotics take between 1 day and 7 days to produce, depending on the type of device. Any adjustments which may be required to the orthotic can usually be made ‘on the spot’, which minimises inconvenience to our patients.